A Regular Practice of Reflection

The driver behind starting this blog is my participation in the MOR Associates Leadership Institute (http://www.morassociates.com/morlp2015/session1.html).  Our cohort includes 9 other staff members from the Yale Information Technology Services group (ITS), as well as technology professionals from Cornell, Stanford, MIT Lincoln Lab and Harvard.  The institute experience includes 4 multi-day workshops, individual coaching, and peer coaching, with a strong emphasis on applying the lessons and practices directly in the workplace.  One of the core practices emphasized in our first workshop was being intentional in approaching our leadership roles, and taking the time for reflection on what works well, and not so well.

In the past I have found the practice of maintaining a blog a useful way to focus my attention, and keep me relatively honest in making regular posts. Not that I have ever had many readers, but the public exposure, and possibility that someone might be paying attention, maintains a psychological commitment and deadline.  My promise to you (whoever you are) is to post reflections on leadership in higher education, and my own personal journey/successes/failures, on at least a weekly basis.  I welcome your comments and contributions to the conversation.

One of our cohort, Vanessa, was reflecting last week on the difficulty of making the shift from our workshop week back into the regular workplace.  New practices and goals expressed away from the office can quickly seem impossible once you are back in your regular routine.  Vanessa’s realization was that you can’t try to change everything all at once.  Small, regular, repeatable steps are a more realistic pathway to changing practices and habits.  Which I found very helpful.  For myself, after two weeks back in the office, with goals submission to my coach past due, I was feeling completely disconnected from the workshop experience.  And somewhat desperate as to how I was going to get back on track.  Vanessa’s “small steps” ideas was helpful.  And an encouraging conversation with Lec, my peer coach, really helped me get back on my ‘leadership’ feet.  As of today my goals have been submitted, and I started work on two of those goals.  Not too bad for Friday the 13th.

A Regular Practice of Reflection

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